Presidents’ Circle

Chicago Appleseed’s Presidents’ Circle

A campaign to unite advocates of social justice in a Partnership for Reform:

To fund the joint research, education, and advocacy programs of the Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice and the Chicago Council of Lawyers, former presidents of both organizations formed the Presidents’ Circle.

Members of the Presidents’ Circle have demonstrated their commitment to sound, just, and effective legal systems by contributing at least $500. Join today at our donation page or directly at the donation form.


2016-2017 President’s Circle Donors


Stanley & Mary Beth Adelman
Mary Anderson
Steven Art
David Baltmanis
Robert W. Bennett
Linton J. Childs
Frank Cicero
Robert Cohen
Daniel T. Coyne
Martin Cuéllar & Kate Monkus
Ellen C. Craig
Kay & Eamon Daly
Stephen Daniels
Vikas Didwania
Nicholas Disabato
Wendy Doniger
Gary Elden
Barry Fields
Ron Futterman
Jack Heinz
John Jacobs
Lorraine Lee
Brent Knight
Michael Kreloff
Frederic R. Klein
Nicole Lerescu
Nada Litwin
Ann MacDonald
Judson Miner
Col. SW Monkus (USAF, ret.) & Sally A. Monkus
Robert C. Newman
Sonya Naar
James Pfander
Chris Rohn
Sheli Z. Rosenberg
Christopher & Deborah Santiago
David Schoenfeld
Emily Seymore
Nicholas Siciliano
Chuck Smith
Dave Stanford
Thomas Staunton
Scott & Adriane Turow
Randall Wexler
Lawrence A. Wojcik
Gretchen M. Wolf
Liz Yablonicky

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