Advisory Committees

To join or to get more information about any of these Committees, please contact Executive Director, Malcolm Rich at malcolmrich [at] chicagoappleseed [dot] org or 312-988-6552


Advisory Committees

Our Advisory Committees oversee our projects, whether they are conducted by staff, pro bono counsel, or a combination. Members also assist in conducting projects, identifying systemic issues, considering ways to use national and local research in developing proposed solutions for Cook County, and preparing policy and editorial statements.


Criminal Justice Reform Advisory Committee

Co-Chair: Steven Art, Loevy & Loevy

Co-Chair: Matthew Daniels, Chicago Kent College of Law

To learn about upcoming meetings, please contact: Sharlyn Grace, sharlyngrace [at] chicagoappleseed [dot] org

Committee on the Administration of Justice and Court Reform

Co -Chair: Mark Dupont

Co-Chair: Professor James Pfander, Northwestern University School of Law


Committee on Immigration Court Reform

Co-Chair: Ellen Craig, Consultant

Co-Chair: Lisa Palumbo, LAF


Committee on Child Support and Family Law Reform

Co-Chair, Joan Colen, Attorney at Law

Co-Chair: Nicole McKinnon, Badesch Abramovitch

Contact Elizabeth Monkus, emonkus [at] chicagoappleseed [dot] org