New Report from Appleseed & Community Partners on State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s First Year in Office

Chicago Appleseed, The People’s Lobby and Reclaim Chicago are proud to release today our new report, “In Pursuit of Justice for All: An Evaluation of Kim Foxx’s First Year in Office,” which assesses State’s Attorney Foxx’s progress on her reform goals during her first year in office. Foxx has made substantial progress in reforming how her office handles bail recommendations and charging decisions.… Read more →

Immigration Court Access

On April 5, 2017, Steven Schulman, Pro Bono Partner at Akin Gump and principal author of the Appleseed Immigration Court Practice Guide, led a training for attorneys on overcoming obstacles in immigration court. The event was hosted by Latham & Watkins, sponsored by Chicago Appleseed, and co-sponsored by the Chicago Council of Lawyers. Video of the event is now available at YouTube. We’re… Read more →

Tools: Alternative Small Dollar Loan Toolkit

Chicago Appleseed was pleased to partner with the Illinois Asset Building Coalition in the development of the Alternative Small Dollar Loan Toolkit (ASDL Toolkit). The ASDL Toolkit serves as a resource for banks and credit unions interested in offering a safe, profitable, small dollar loan (SDL) product. Informed by research, focus group testimony, and product analyses, the ASDL Toolkit provides a… Read more →