Changing the Rules on Unpublished Opinions

In early February, Rick Tulsky reported on a dissenting opinion by Illinois Appellate Court Justice Hyman, criticizing the court rules concerning publication of opinions. Appellate and Supreme Court opinions are published when the majority of the court decide they should be published, but non-published opinions may not generally be cited by attorneys for use in future cases.  Therefore, non-published opinions don’t affect the larger… Read more →

Pro Bono Week

Last Wednesday was the second annual Conference on Access to Justice presented by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice. This year’s topic was “Pro Bono: Closing the Justice Gap in Illinois Courts”. In a speech filled with deeply moving anecdotes, Keynote speaker, Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative, laid out the philosophical underpinning for pro bono work.… Read more →

Volunteer Court-Watching

Our next training session for volunteer court-watchers, assisting the Judicial Performance Commission of Cook County, is May 26 at our office at 11:00 am. The training lasts a little over an hour and explains both the mechanics of our court-watching program, as well as the goals and procedures of the JPC. Volunteers need no particular experience with court proceedings.  Volunteers… Read more →