Criminal Justice

Legislation Introduced to Eliminate Monetary Bond in Illinois

  Last night, Representative Christian Mitchell introduced HB 3421, the Equal Justice For All Act. This morning, Chicago Appleseed’s Senior Policy Analyst and Staff Attorney Sharlyn Grace spoke at a press conference unveiling the bill organized by The People’s Lobby and Representative Mitchell’s Office. HB 3421 is a comprehensive bail reform bill that would eliminate the use of monetary bond in Illinois. You can… Read more →

Medicaid Expansion and the Access to Community Treatment Court

The fate of the Affordable Care Act and the Medicaid expansion, is uncertain. Illinois was one of the first states to embrace the Medicaid expansion in 2013, and it was instrumental in supporting the Access to Community Treatment court, a project of Chicago Appleseed. The Access to Community Treatment Court is a problem-solving court in the Criminal Division in the… Read more →

Access to Community Treatment Court Celebrates Third Graduation

by Ali Abid, Senior Criminal Justice Policy Analyst at Chicago Appleseed On December 2, 2016, Cook County’s Access to Community Treatment (ACT) Court achieved a major milestone by celebrating its third graduation for individuals who successfully completed the problem-solving court program. In total, 10 individuals were recognized for their efforts, and four graduates shared powerful remarks about their experience before, during, and after… Read more →