Juvenile Justice

Youth Opportunity and Fairness Act

The Youth Opportunity and Fairness Act (HB 3817/SB 2021) has been introduced in the Illinois Legislature. The Act both strengthens confidentiality of juvenile records while improving the processes for expunging juvenile records. The Act would bring Illinois’ laws into line with the American Bar Association’s model guidelines on youth records. Under the Youth Opportunity and Fairness Act, courts would automatically… Read more →

Advocates Call for an End to the Presumptive Shackling of Juveniles in Court

The Illinois Justice Project has submitted a proposed proposed rule to the state Supreme Court Rules Committee to reform the practice of shackling children appearing in juvenile court. The Committee referred the proposed rule to the Juvenile Justice Committee of the Judicial Conference in order to study and review the matter. In July, the Rules Committee heard testimony in favor… Read more →

Victory for Fair Sentencing of Children

Last month, Illinois Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Children, Restore Justice Illinois and the Bluhm Legal Clinic celebrated the passage of their House Bill 2741. The Bill eliminates mandatory life-without-parole sentences for youth under 18 at the time of the offense and requires judges to consider specific age-related factors in mitigation at the time of sentencing. It also grants… Read more →