Tools: Take A Sample Ballot With You When You Vote for Cook County Judges

Early voting has begun! Below are sample ballots for Cook County judicial elections. Click each ballot to find a list of every judge up for retention in Cook County, followed by a recommendation for retention. In Cook County, Judges must receive a “Yes” vote from at least 60% of voters in order to remain on the bench.

Vote for qualified judges! Use a sample ballot–on paper or your phone–when you’re in the voting booth! 

1) Chicago’s public-interest bar association and our affiliate, the Chicago Council of Lawyers:











2) A group of bar associations jointly reviews candidates, but issues independent evaluations, the Alliance of Bar Associations for Judicial Screening‘s ballot has every bar association’s ratings except the Chicago Bar Association:


3) The Chicago Bar Association.


Print any of these sample ballots with you into the voting booth so you can vote  to retain only the most qualified judges.


Learn more about Cook County judicial elections at (check out our FAQ).

Learn more about Chicago Appleseed’s work in judicial performance here.

Read the Chicago Council of Lawyers’ detailed evaluations of every Cook County judge here.


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