Cook County Drug Field Testing Pilot Program Second Quarterly Report

  Included here is the second quarterly report of the program study committee for the pilot drug field testing program created under 50 ILCS 737/1. The Cook County Pilot Drug Field-Testing Program was brought about to reduce the average time in jail between arrest and preliminary hearing for individuals arrested on drug charges. Advocacy for the project began with Chicago Appleseed’s… Read more →

Resign, Re-run, Avoid Retention

Three judges in southern Illinois’ 20th judicial circuit—Chief Judge John Baricevic and Circuit Judges Robert Haid and Robert LeChien—resigned in August in order to avoid retention elections. Judges Baricevic and LeChien each had narrow retention margins in their 2010 retention election, but Judge Haida has not yet faced a retention election. Each judge announced his intention, instead, to stand for… Read more →

Candidate Questionnaires from the Cook County Clerk of the Court Race

A note from the Chicago Council of Lawyers, our partner organization in the Collaboration for Justice: The Primary Election in Illinois is March 15th, and early voting is happening now. The Chicago Council of Lawyers wants voters to focus on electing the most qualified judges possible, but there are other races that affect our courts as well. To provide more… Read more →