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Chicago Appleseed promotes social justice and government effectiveness by identifying injustice in our community, investigating its causes and proposing effective solutions.

Bond Reform Measure Signed“The county should not be using bond being posted by non-convicted individuals as a revenue source. It’s a tax on poor black and brown people primarily,” said Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey, quoted in a WBEZ story on a new law concerning processing fees in the criminal court. The measure caps processing fees associated with posting bond prior to trial [more]
Ensuring the Public Defense of Indigent Defendants in Cook CountyThe Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, a joint group of the Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice and the Chicago Council of Lawyers, has released a report on whether criminal defendants in Chicago’s felony preliminary hearing courtrooms receive the public defense required by the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and by Illinois law. The report follows two years of working with stakeholders to correct problems identified by [more]
Victory for Fair Sentencing of ChildrenLast month, Illinois Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Children, Restore Justice Illinois and the Bluhm Legal Clinic celebrated the passage of their House Bill 2741. The Bill eliminates mandatory life-without-parole sentences for youth under 18 at the time of the offense and requires judges to consider specific age-related factors in mitigation at the time of sentencing. It also grants [more]
Amicus joined in the Illinois Appellate CourtChicago Appleseed joined an amicus brief in Sanchez v Torres, in the Appellate Court of Illinois.  We joined with Loyola University Civitas ChildLaw Center, the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network, the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, the John Marshall Law School Domestic Violence Clinical Advocacy Program, Chicago Volunteer Legal Services and LifeSpan Center for Legal Services & Advocacy [more]
Save the Date, October 16thSave the Date! October 16, 2015 Chicago Appleseed and the Chicago Council of Lawyers will host their annual luncheon on Friday, October 16, 2015 at Maggiano’s Banquets on Grand Avenue. The reception begins at 11:30, with the lunch program beginning at 12:00. This year, we are honoring the success of the Access to Community Treatment Court with remarks from a graduate from the [more]
Law Professor Dan Coyne Named Independent Reviewer of Burge Torture ClaimsOn May 6, the Chicago City Council, after years of pressure by community organizations, passed the Budget Reparations Ordinance, a $5.5 million fund to make financial amends to black Chicagoans systematically tortured by former Chicago Police Commander John Burge and his officers between 1972 and 1991. On June 21, the City of Chicago and the Chicago Torture Justice Memorials organization selected [more]